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Is managing Google Ads (formerly AdWords) about as fun as watching paint dry? That’s when my Google Ads management services come in!

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Sonia Beroud working as an SEO & PPC Consultant

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Is Google Ads management sucking the fun out of your day and making you want to pull your hair out? 🤯  Relax, I’ve got your back! Let me decode it for you and fine-tune your strategy for maximum impact and top-notch results. Say goodbye to head-scratching moments and hello to data-driven decisions. No more guesswork or wasted budgets. Let’s turn that confusion into clicks and conversions & transform those chaotic campaigns into a lean, mean, profit-making machine!

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Done-For-You Google Ads Services

Let's face it: if you're not already partnering with someone who knows Google Ads like the back of their hand,
you're (at best) leaving money on the table. Don't freak out though! It's never too late for you to...

Grow More, Faster

No more guessing games or throwing spaghetti at the wall - just laser-focused strategies crafted by a seasoned expert who lives and breathes Google Ads. Together, we’ll navigate the challenges and make your ads work for you, not against you.

Get Your Time Back

Managing advertising campaigns can be extremely time-consuming. Stop wrestling with the platform and let me handle the day-to-day management, freeing up your valuable time to focus on other strategic marketing initiatives.

Stop Wasting Money

Inefficient campaigns are a recipe for wasted budget. If you don’t know the intricacies of the platform in and out, chances are you’re just handing over your hard-earned cash to Google with no significant impact on growth. Bummer.

End-to-End Performance Management

If you think simply throwing in keywords and tweaking bids will do the trick, think again. It's not 2015 anymore. A comprehensive, data-driven approach is critical for success. That's why I'm all about holistic management. Yes, keywords and bids matter. But there's other stuff too. Expect me to think outside the box... and outside the advertising platform!

✨ Spotless✨ Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is like a GPS for your ads. Without it, your campaigns are lost and don't know where to go. In the age of machine learning, you can’t get away with basic conversion tracking anymore (no, imports from Google Analytics don't count). If enhanced conversions, Cookie consent mode v2 and offline conversion imports sound like Chinese jargon, you are missing out on providing the algorithm with crystal-clear data and making more informed decisions.

Conversion-Oriented Copywriting

Words matter. Ain’t nobody got time for boring or flat ads these days. Crafting compelling, persuasive ad copy that drives clicks and conversions is non-negotiable. Your ads need to grab attention & compel action.

High-Converting Landing Pages

Google Ads performance doesn't only happen in Google Ads. A killer landing page can make all the difference. As the last stop on a user's journey, your landing pages should be optimized to convert clicks into customers. Don't underestimate it.

My Process, Your Success

My motto? No real success without a proven process. Here’s a sneak peek into how I work my magic.

Offer & Competitor Analysis

I never go in blind. I always start by thoroughly analyzing your competitors and crafting compelling offers that stand out & resonate with your target audience.

Campaign Structure

A well-structured campaign is like a well-oiled machine. I’ll meticulously set up your campaigns with the right ad groups, targeting options, and bid strategies to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Keyword & Audience Research

A thorough keyword (or audience) research is the secret sauce to identify the best targeting and uncover opportunities to outsmart your competition.

Continuous A/B Testing

I don't guess, I test. Ongoing ad copy & landing page A/B testing is key to finding the winning formula for your campaigns, and keep improving their performance over time.

Ongoing Campaign Optimization

I give your campaigns the TLC they need. Adjusting the tracking, monitoring performance, managing negative keyword lists, adding relevant keywords, you name it!

Analytics & Reporting

Forget dull reports and massive spreadsheets that make your head spin. I provide real-time dashboards with digestible & actionable insights. You'll know exactly how your campaigns are performing at a glance.

A Google Ads Match For Every Business

No matter your industry or goals, I've got Google Ads solutions tailored just for you.

Google Ads Audit Services

Already running Google Ads? Let me give your campaigns a check-up, find hidden growth potential & help you get the most out of your ad spend.

Google Ads for Lead Gen

Generate high-quality leads with targeted campaigns that attract your ideal customers. Say goodbye to dead-end leads.

Google Ads for Ecommerce

Boost your online sales with tailored Google Ads strategies designed specifically for online stores. Let’s turn those window shoppers into buyers!

Google Ads for B2B

Reach the right decision-makers & generate high-value leads for your B2B business with targeted Google Ads campaigns. Stop chasing shadows – I'll help you connect with the whales, not the minnows.

Google Ads for SaaS

Increase subscriptions & MRR/ARR with Google Ads campaigns designed specifically for SaaS companies. More users, less hassle.

Google Ads Consulting

Need some expert advice on your Google Ads strategy? I offer Google Ads consulting services to provide strategic guidance & actionable insights to help you crush your goals.

What’s included in my Google Ads packages

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Google Ads Audit

Identify opportunities for improvement
& hidden growth potential.

Conversion tracking & Setup

Targeting (keyword & audience)

Google Merchant Center Feeds

Campaign structure & Bid strategy

Creatives (ads, landing pages)

Performance & Recommendations

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Google Ads Monthly Management

Let me handle the nitty-gritty
& boost your ROI.

Conversion tracking adjustments

Keyword & Audience optimization

Bids & Bid Strategy Management

A/B Testing & Experiments

Analytics & Reporting

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Custom Google Ads Services

If your needs are difficult
to package, this is the way to go!

On-demand Google Ads support

Custom Google Ads consulting

Individual training sessions

Group training sessions

Google Ads workshops

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Why Work With Me?

Because I, too, need to eat. Just kidding.

Sonia Beroud working as a Search Engine Marketing Consultant

1. Not Your Average Geek
My clients say I am the perfect blend of strategic thinking & technical expertise. I know the ins and outs of campaign management & media buying, but I never loose sight of the bigger, more strategic goals.

2. Experienced... But Always Learning
Remember when Google Ads was called Google AdWords? Well, I was there too. 👵🏻 But don't be fooled: I don't take my expertise for granted - I keep updating my knowledge to stay at the top of my game.

3. You'll Never Be Just Another Line On My P&L
I'm not some faceless team – you'll be speaking with the person that actually runs your campaigns, day in and day out, and I'll take the time to truly understand your business.

Want to learn more about me? Don't be shy!

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Client testimonials

That's what they said.

Sonia is outstanding! She has been an absolute game-changer for our company. Her expertise and analytical prowess have been invaluable in optimizing our campaigns, maximizing returns on our ad spend, and keeping our brand thriving amidst fierce competition. We fully credit her for our renewed profitability and recommend her wholeheartedly to any business needing a top-notch media buyer.

Sonia is by far one of the most talented and sharp digital marketers/media buyers our company has ever worked with. We hired her after going through so many agencies. They all over promised and under delivered. Sonia was just different. She knows her stuff, she always worked the extra mile to get us results and they show! We love working with her. Highly recommend!

Sonia is a great addition to my team! She's able to get super entrenched on everything going on and drive amazing account growth. A top talent for sure!

Sonia is an experienced paid marketing and advertising professional. She was able to reduce our cost per install by over 60%, demonstrating her proficiency in optimizing ad campaigns. Furthermore, Sonia is a fantastic individual who communicates clearly and directly, making her easy to work with. We would highly recommend her services!

Sonia is a well-rounded & well-versed marketing professional. She is trustworthy and very knowledgeable about best SEO practices, and anything related to digital marketing. If you're in search for ways to elevate your online presence, Sonia can happily conduct an audit for you and provide result-backed solutions & strategies.

Working with Sonia has been amazing. She will go the extra mile to make sure projects are completed with great quality, and sometimes within tight deadlines. Highly recommend!

Ready to ditch the struggle & stop throwing spaghetti at the wall? 🍝

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Get in touch!

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    Got questions? I’ve got answers!

    1.Should I hire someone to manage my Google Ads?
    Great question! Managing Google Ads can be tricky. You’ve got to know what you’re doing, or you’ll end up burning through your budget with little to show for it. By working with a proven expert, you’ll avoid common pitfalls and see better results faster. Do it now, thank me later!
    2.What are the benefits of outsourcing Google Ads management?
    Running Google Ads can be confusing, frustrating, and frankly, you'd rather be doing, well, anything else. That's where yours truly comes in! Outsourcing your Google Ads management means increased ROI, improved conversion rates, data-driven decision making, as well as time and resource savings. Plus, you’ll have an expert in your corner who’s got your back!
    3.What results can I expect from Google Ads management?
    Well, buckle up, because things are about to get exciting! Typically, my clients see improved campaign performance, increased website traffic & qualified leads, higher conversion rates, faster and more sustainable growth, and a better return on investment. All of this while getting time back to focus on leading & growing their marketing team!
    4.How do Google Ads management services work? What's included?
    My process includes an initial consultation to understand your business goals & current challenges. I conduct competitive analysis and industry research, develop a campaign strategy, set up & launch your campaigns, and provide ongoing management and optimization. Regular reporting and performance analysis keep you informed and allow you to track our progress, while we maintain open communication throughout the process, keeping you involved in the strategy & results without the hassle of the day-to-day management.
    5.What qualities should I look for in a Google Ads management service provider?
    Look for a provider with Google Ads & Google Analytics certifications, extensive industry experience, and a proven track record. You want transparency, clear communication, data-driven decision making, and positive client reviews. Basically, you want someone like me!
    6.What level of communication and reporting will I get?
    I believe in transparent communication & detailed reporting. We'll set up recurring meetings at a pace that works for you, and you’ll always know what’s happening with your campaigns. If you ever need me, I'm just an email away!
    7.What level of Google Ads expertise do you offer?
    I’m a certified Google Ads expert with extensive experience across various industries. I am passionate about digital marketing, which means I stay updated with the latest trends & best practices to deliver top-notch results. I can't say I'm awesome, because that would be bragging. But then my clients say I am, and they enjoy working with me... so maybe I am, after all? Take a chance, book a call!
    8.How much does it cost to have someone manage your Google Ads?
    My pricing varies based on the complexity & scale of your campaigns. I offer flexible packages to meet your needs, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment. To give you a rough idea, my monthly retainers start at $2,000/month.